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You woke up the night you heard something in your kitchen. When you looked you saw that the flap to your air ducts was open. So you step in and when you wanted to go back the flap slammed and there is no way out! Now you are in the manatocks range and it wants to kill you. Take care of all rats! and dont become the next victim of the manatock! Now is the time for you to escape from the air ducts!

[Esc] = Quit

you can play a prototype of the full version soon!

Updated 8 days ago
Published 17 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePuzzle, Survival
Tags3D, Horror, Singleplayer

Install instructions

just unzip the package and open the (.exe)


DEMO chapter 1.zip 192 MB
DEMO chapter 2.zip 165 MB

Development log


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Hai! I finally played the game and it was a good idea, It would be nice if you had a back story for the monster, also the Axe didn't work sometimes but I like the idea of being stuck in the vents. I had a video for you but my hard drive died and I lost everything. Thanks!

Oh thats sad, thanks for playing 

good game

claustrophobic people would love it, the game idea is interesting, why is he in there?

I don't quite understand what you mean yet, but thanks for your feedback

this is a work of art, this is the best game I've ever played in my life. This is a perfect 1000 out of 10 lol

wow that makes me very happy, the game is not yet perfect in my eyes and there is still a lot missing, but many thanks


Loved it, wish it was a tad long but had fun =) keep up the work and left a follow! Your game is first in the vid

thank you, The game is longer, there is also the chapter 2 demo and the prototype for the full version. but I'm glad you like it


had fun again <3 


I have an ax

Well this game is short but it was fun playing it. a unique game ill say. good job dev


great game i inspire more people to play


banana sackboy the horror game


Good game. It looks like a sausage man or a corn man


hey familia my names isak i recently played your game, if im going to be honest the game was okay, it was rather short but still it was a little fun. keep up the work. i made a small playthrough game starts 0:00


enjoyed the game

Thank you, this Support me a lot


making another video now.. btw i love your modeling skills would love for you to work for our team


great game! 

Thank you :D


im going to try it now this looks rlly cool!


downloading it now ill make a video on youtube